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We’re gonna book it like it’s 1999

If you ever want to go back in time, try booking your child into an extra-curricular class or holiday program online.

Feels like I need to use these to book.

Why is the booking process for kids’ classes and holiday programs so painfully prehistoric?

When I pay my council rates, I can do it with just my right thumb, on my phone, with fewer than 6 taps (8 if I accidentally open up Spotify instead of the banking app). When I book movie tickets, this becomes a little more involved so my left thumb gets roped in as well. 12 clicks later and we’re done. But when it’s time to book my daughter’s dancing classes, I put on my oversized Stussy t-shirt, crank up Spice Girls on my boombox and hop in my flux-capacitor-modified Delorean to prepare.

Okay, first thing’s first. Do they have a spot for her in the upcoming term? After 5 missed calls, 2 voice messages and 4 emails over 6 days, I establish that they DO in fact have a spot. Phew! Now all I need to do is download the Child Details form from the website and …ugh… hold on, my browser won’t let me do it as it looks ‘suspicious’. I email the dance school and they email me back a form a day later. Success! Okay, time to print out the form and fill it in. (Why does handwriting feel so weird these days?!). Done. Now form goes in the scanner and hit ‘Scan’. Why won’t this scanner ever pair with my computer?! Aarrrggh! No problem - I take a photo of the form with my phone and email it to the Dance School. All that’s left is the payment. I’d rather do this on my credit card but I supposed direct debit is okay. Where’s their BSB and account number? Oh right, on the downloaded form. Okay, enter the payment details in (wait, have I put in the correct amount? Yep, just checked) and submit the payment. Done.

3 days later I receive an email with the opening words, “Congratulations, your child is booked in to…” What a relief that I managed to do this all before my aged pension kicks in!

My word. It’s 2019, people! (This is EXACTLY why we created Activity Book). It should be a GIVEN that I can go online, easily search and review classes/programs for kids, pick one, check availability, book, pay then spend the rest of my night watching Dawson’s Creek reruns.

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