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Top 10 Ways To Tell That You’re a Dance Mum

Are you a Dance Mum? Only one way to find out.

Dance is surely one of the best activities that a child can do. It teaches balance, proprioception, grace, coordination, self-confidence and can be done as a team sport. It also is entirely indoors so doesn’t leave you at the mercy of the weather or cursing your child’s chosen creative outlet.

However, since we were first introduced to the US show aptly (if not originally) titled ‘Dance Moms’, it became impossible to ignore the growing number of mums who take dancing more seriously than their children. Here are the top ten ways to know that you are one of those mums who has succeeded in living vicariously through your kids.

10. Your furniture is constantly pushed up against the wall to make a mock stage.

9. You know the judges in all of the dance competitions by name.

8. You have your dance school and the nearby dancewear store on your list of favourite contacts.

7. Your child’s hair is so filled with hair spray that it could quite possibly have a bird living in there.

6. Your child owns more make up than you do.

5. You hate Christmas time (because there are no dance lessons or competitions).

4. You spend more on dance lessons, costumes and competitions than it costs to send a child to private school for the year.

3. You can’t remember the names of your non dancing children.

2. You have seen the same routine eight hundred thousand times and yet you still cry each time you see it.

1. You and your child’s motto in life is ‘second place is just the first loser’.

Now, be honest. Are you a Dance Mum?

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